Advertising is the most challenging way to convey the essence of your brand across to a large number of people in a small duration. Television commercials,radio jingles, print media, hoardings, digital and social media are the various ways through which your brand can stand out in the competitive market.

Below are the ads for Y and H Jewellery (Fiji) and Jaya travel (America) produced by Soul Sutra. We also did their print campaign and created their radio jingle.

Print Campaign
Television Commercial
Y & H Radio Jingle

Soul Sutra is very passionate about translating beautiful stories onto the big screen and forging a bond with the audiences through emotions. Feature films and short films are the means through which Soul Sutra wants to do this. We produce short films in order to support independent filmmakers with limited budgets. Our production and postproduction crew will be giving technical support to the film. And we will ensure that the film gets entries into multiple film festivals across the world.


The reach of television in India is far and wide and the industry is a multi-million dollar business. There is very challenging content being created in fiction and non-fiction entertainment and Soul Sutra aims to be a prominent player in this market. With its set up of writers, directors and production crew, it is ready to enter the television industry.

Here is the music single "Saanwariya" that was produced by Soul Sutra for its launch on MTV ROOTS, India's only independent music show.


Theatre is one of the oldest and most powerful platforms for storytelling and Soul Sutra launched its first theatre production "Club Desire" in collaboration with NCPA and Arpana Theatre in 2013. It is an adaptation of the French opera "Carmen" with leading theatre actors and a live band.

With our extensive network of directors,actors and talent from the live stage, we are involved in setting up plays in English, Hindi and Gujarati!

Live Shows

Nothing compares to the excitement and adrenaline of a live event and we at Soul Sutra love challenges! Customized theme events, skits, music performances, dramatic concepts to bring out your brand all catered according to your requirements are what we specialize in.

Online Entertainment

The future of entertainment and marketing across the world is the Internet.Soul Sutra understands this and has a dedicated team created to set uponline entertainment and marketing.

E- entertainment: Creating webisodes, gags, viral videos with its team of writers and content creators. Tie-ups with online portals for marketing of the content and revenue generation.

E-Marketing: Creating e-advertisements and tie-ups with online portals for stronger positioning of the brand.

Soul Sutra has launched its internet channel BIG FAT TV to produce fun internet content. First up is a series of webisodes titled "Santa Ki Adalat" where Santa and Banta have their own courtroom where they grill big celebrities in a funny way!

Behind the Scenes